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Board Member Experiences 2022

Edwin Mehta

President | YNPN Phoenix Board of Directors

“Joining YNPN Phoenix has provided me with the opportunity to develop my leadership skills by working likeminded nonprofit young professionals to develop programs, fundraise, and organize events for young professionals throughout the Metro-Phoenix area. This is an opportunity that I do not believe that I would have been able to find anywhere else, and I am so grateful to YNPN Phoenix and all of its members for helping me to grow, personally and professionally.”


Naquana Borrero, CFRE

Vice-president | YNPN Phoenix Board of Directors

“Joining the Board of YNPN Phoenix is one of the best professional decisions I have made. As someone who has served and currently serves on other Boards, I can say that the YNPN is one of my favorites because the members are so open to both leading and learning. You are able to sharpen your skills in a safe environment and you are also able to take on a leadership role if that is what you desire. In addition, one of the best things about our Board is that we are all committed to taking care of each other as people and professionals, stepping up when needed, and also stepping back to let each other shine. I truly would recommend it to anyone in our field who is thinking about joining."


Amber Cordoba

Secretary | YNPN Phoenix Board of Directors

“Being a part of YNPN Phoenix has taught me so much about the importance of being a good Board Member. The Board provides a very safe way to learn and grow your experience, network, and leadership capabilities. As a bonus, there is a fantastic group of change-makers always there to support and encourage you along the way!”

Jasmine Young

Communications Committee Chair | YNPN Phoenix Board of Directors

“Being a board member for YNPN has brought me opportunities to lead in a professional capacity. I did not expect to be a director before my 30th birthday, but this network made it possible! I also have the privilege of leading our Comms committee. YNPN Phoenix is a great group of individuals, and I walk away from each meeting feeling renewed, and ready to take on new challenges.”


Camila Olave-Rodriguez

Communications Committee Member | YNPN Phoenix Board of Directors

“YNPN Board is a great community for young non-profit professionals to join. YNPN provides its members with ample resources to build their skills and explore different roles in a supportive and positive environment. You will get to network, connect, and work with a talented and competent group of people. I genuinely enjoy spending my time with them and have learned so much during my board service. You will also learn how to be an effective board member in a contemporary setting, which is a great way to be involved in the community. This role will open up opportunities to join other local boards and continue your service to the community.”

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