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Committee Service

Joining a committee at YNPN offers members an invaluable opportunity to expand their skill set, enhance their resume, and foster professional development. Whether it's through programs, communications, or membership, volunteers can gain real-world experience in areas they are passionate about or eager to learn. Being part of a committee not only benefits the individual but also makes a significant impact on the organization, contributing to its growth and success. Take the first step towards personal and professional growth by volunteering for a committee today!

Programs Committee

Join the Programs Committee and become a driving force behind YNPN's dynamic professional development initiatives! From curating an exciting lineup of 10-12 programs annually, including our popular quarterly happy hours, to orchestrating seamless event logistics in collaboration with Membership. Get ready to connect with inspiring guest speakers, local organizations, and venue managers while evaluating program success through valuable feedback

Membership Committee

Join the Membership Committee and play a pivotal role in shaping the vibrant community of YNPN! From conducting our annual Membership survey to spearheading initiatives for growth and retention, your input will directly impact our organization's success. Collaborate with the Programs Committee to streamline program registration and engagement while managing group memberships and coordinating outreach efforts. With a keen focus on evaluating promotions and optimizing our membership pipeline, you'll be instrumental in driving our community forward.

Communications Committee

Join the Communications Committee and be the voice of YNPN Phoenix! Take charge of our diverse social media platforms to engage our community and amplify our impact. Craft compelling monthly newsletters and ensure reflects our brand and mission. From creating eye-catching collateral to fostering PR and media relationships, your creativity and strategic vision will drive our outreach efforts. Join us in spreading the word about our events and initiatives, and help us build a strong and connected network of nonprofit professionals!


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