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A Letter from YNPN Phoenix's President

A few years ago when I entered the nonprofit sector, I encountered the ironic paradox of needing experience to gain experience. Each opportunity I was interested in seemed to require significant prior experience. As a young person eager to make a change in my community, this was a discouraging realization. Adding to the problem, I quickly discovered that many of my peers faced the same obstacle. It wasn't until a year later, when I joined the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Phoenix (YNPN Phoenix), that I found a glimmer of hope. YNPN Phoenix proved to be a game-changer for me and countless other young professionals like myself. It was a breath of fresh air to discover an organization that exclusively catered to the needs and goals of young people in the nonprofit sector.

What impressed me most about YNPN was its inclusive approach to the opportunities it offered. These opportunities recognized the advantages of youthful ambition and fresh perspectives while embracing individuals with a willingness to learn and grow.  I vividly remember my first event with the organization which led to several invitations to get more involved. This inclusive environment made me feel welcomed in the sector/workforce in a way that many young people don’t get anywhere else. The idea that my ideas and opinions mattered was empowering and encouraged me to seize the opportunities offered at YNPN.

Before long, I found myself serving on the board of directors, forging new connections within the sector, and contributing to various committees. Each experience was a stepping stone in my journey of personal and professional growth, thanks to the supportive environment that offered the guidance, resources, and support needed to thrive in the nonprofit sector.

Now, as YNPN’s newest Board President, I am more committed than ever to paying it forward. Alongside a dedicated and talented board of directors, we envision a future where the organization continues to offer similar opportunities to young professionals providing them with a supportive space to learn, grow, and develop their skills alongside like-minded professionals in the sector. The future of YNPN is a haven for young nonprofit professionals, where willingness to get involved is valued over prior experience. I firmly believe that the work we do at YNPN is vital in cultivating the next generation of nonprofit leaders. By providing young professionals with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed, we are not only investing in their individual growth but also the future of the nonprofit sector as a whole. 

One of the key priorities for the future of YNPN  is to deepen our engagement with our members and the broader nonprofit community. We must actively seek feedback from our members to understand their needs, aspirations, and challenges. By listening to their voices and incorporating their input into our decision-making processes, we can better serve their interests and ensure that our programs and initiatives are both relevant and impactful.

Additionally, we must continue to foster partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and stakeholders in the nonprofit sector. By working together towards common goals, we can amplify our impact and drive positive change in our sector. Whether it's through joint programming, shared resources, or advocacy efforts, collaboration is key to achieving our collective vision for a stronger and more vibrant nonprofit sector.

The future of YNPN is bright and full of potential. As we continue to evolve and grow, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting and empowering young professionals in the nonprofit sector. Together with our incredible board of directors and passionate members, we are committed to creating a supportive environment where young professionals can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the nonprofit sector.

To those accepting their first job in the nonprofit sector, individuals transitioning from the corporate or public sector to the nonprofit world, newcomers to Arizona, those who are young at heart, and emerging young nonprofit professionals, I sincerely encourage you to give this organization the chance to elevate your success and welcome you to Phoenix’s thriving nonprofit sector. Visit to explore our membership offerings and discover how YNPN Phoenix can empower you!

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