The Board of Directors acts as the leadership for the organization. As an all-volunteer organization, the Board also conducts much of the organization’s day to day business. YNPN Phoenix is a place people can stretch and grow in a safe space, as well as develop their organizational leadership & strategic thinking skills.

For us, the “Young” in YNPN can mean young in your career, young in your skill set, or even young to the nonprofit sector. We are not necessarily looking for individuals with previous Board or nonprofit experience (though we welcome those perspectives as well!), but rather those individuals who could personally and professionally grow through Board service, have a passion for our organization’s mission, and the capacity to fully engage in the work of the Board.

Board members are held accountable to:
1. Service Length: Commit to being on the Board for a 2-year term
2. Meeting Attendance: Board meetings are held on a monthly basis and can be attended
virtually or in-person. Active participation in these meetings is the cornerstone of Board
3. Committee Service: Board members are asked to actively serve in at least one of our four
standing committees. These include Recruitment, Fund Development, Communications, and
4. Retreat Attendance: Retreats are held bi-annually in the winter and summer
5. Event Attendance: 9 programs and our Signature Event
6. $250 Give/Get: Membership referrals, in-kind donations that support budget goals, sponsorships and personal gifts all count towards the goal
7. Champion: Represent YNPN Phoenix within the community
8. Time Management” Spend the appropriate amount of time outside of meetings working independently and collaboratively to meet agreed upon deadlines
9. Goal Setting: Develop individual goals while serving on the Board

These expectations are put in place to help hold our Board accountable to one another and allow us to ensure we are providing value to our membership.

As an organization, we are seeking individuals who bring to our Board diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences. If you have questions about any of these expectations or how they might apply to your personal circumstances, please do not hesitate to reach out. The quickest way to get a response is to email