I am a dreaded millennial, the “look at me-I’m special-and need to be awarded because of my specialness” millennial. But if my employer can harness my enthusiasm and social conscious, they will no longer have a dreaded millennial. They will have an empowered-changemaking-progress-motivated-lets-do-it-now millennial.

This is the year that the millennial generation ages 18-34 will surpass the baby boomers in size. And what an influence millennials have already made in our society! Millennials have turned corporate culture upside down and flooded the non-profit sector looking for meaning and value in our community.

So here are some tips for those managing a millennial:

          1. Reward me: As an 8 year old softball player, I received a trophy for dancing in the outfield. I learned that being “me” is special and important. And you better believe I need to hear that from everyone around me… Everyday. I am special and important. So don’t hold back. Lay it on thick.
  1.  Ditch the 8-5: What is the value of measuring work by hours and not results? Seriously, can anyone explain this to me? WHY do I need to be in a desk from 8-5 when I have yoga at 2:30. I can produce far more when I feel motivated to do so, when I feel respected as an adult to work autonomously. At times, I wake up at midnight with a brilliant idea, work on a proposal all night long because I am so jazzed about progress and life-changing programs. But I still have to report to work at 8am? I don’t think so. If I produce the results you want, why do you need me in a chair during regular business hours?
  2. Remove time-sucking barriers: Like the previous generations before me, I have been taught that by working hard you can accomplish anything. But unlike my previous generations, I want expedited results. Instant gratification. I will not spend 30 years in a job working up the ladder. I will take advantage of all opportunity in front of me and I skip a few ladder rungs. I will wonder why I have been working so hard for the past 6 months and not been promoted.
  3. Show me the impact: Even though I value job security, I will not waste time in a job I don’t like and doesn’t add value to our community. Peace out! This and tip number 3 is why I am likely to work for 9 different organizations in my lifetime.

 So let me run. I have an idea and I want to go. Millennials are creators because we have been taught and shown through technology that the sky is the limit and that things can be accomplished quickly on our own terms.

I may be a spoiled product of my coddled raising, but I am the future. Good luck.

– YNPN Member Chelsie Hancock