For years, YNPN Phoenix has shared job announcements with members and nonmembers alike through our social media and e-newsletter. Moving forward, we will not share any job postings that do not include a salary range.

As you may have read (here, here, or here, for example), not listing a salary range can perpetuate pay inequality for women and people of color. So why has YNPN Phoenix not taken this step sooner? I want to share some background in case it’s helpful for your organization’s process of rooting out inequality in your own practices.

For a few years, YNPN Phoenix has wanted to start its own job board with intentional requirements, including a salary range. As we worked on related projects, this goal continued to get pushed back. In the meantime, it was “business as usual,” sharing all job postings that members hoped we’d advertise. By our thinking, we were already not doing a complete enough job of sharing job opportunities, so we wanted to get as many out there as we could until we could provide a more exhaustive, intentional resource.

But the job board kept getting pushed back in favor of more pressing projects, and so the inequality in our practice of sharing job postings persisted. When your organization holds on to a practice that is inequitable, it can seem like a reasonable decision until you decide to make the change. Then, you won’t believe you didn’t do it sooner.

For us, it took board members who would continue bringing up the issue, never letting the board forget that this change needed to be made. I’m grateful we have board members who do that.

So, what does this change mean for you?

If you are the one who builds job postings, but you don’t typically include a salary range: No better time than now to start including salary ranges in your job postings. We look forward to helping you advertise your open positions to our incredibly talented YNPN Phoenix community when you do.

If you feel you have little power over the content of job descriptions in your organization, but you’re tasked with spreading the word: Feel free to use us as an example. “I’m excited to share our open position, but several of the organizations I’d send it to now require a salary range, so they wouldn’t accept this. Can we add the salary so I can share it more widely?” Keep in mind that the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) has recently made a similar announcement, giving you even more leverage.

Please feel free to send any questions or job announcements you would like for YNPN Phoenix to promote to our audiences to me at Thank you for all that you do for the social sector. Make it happen, make it matter.

Julie Euber

President, YNPN Phoenix