Even though money is a factor in our life, as we dedicate our time to a job, many professionals want to grow and learn in their current positions as well. In the age where individuals possess different passions, volunteer their time and even attempt to perfect their own start up idea, I can assure you that we are always striving to grow.

In her article, 3 Ways to Foster Professional Development in the Workplace, Jamie Nicol shows why as a company, you want your employees to be invested in your goals. You want them to get excited about your successes, and feel motivated to improve your products, contribute to your workplace culture, and be an active part of the company community. I have learned that when I understand the “why”, meaning, when I understanding my job and other factors that help our company grow. I can then make the connection with the two to build a stronger working environment. Fostering professional development in the workplace can assist with producing strong leadership.

When your team is gaining valuable knowledge you must have a system in place to implement the knowledge your team is discovering. Try doing a training with your team on what you learned. Briefly give examples on how they can implement your new found knowledge in their daily work. Allow them the opportunity to share with the team when they acquire a new skill.

During the past two years in my current position, I have learned many new skills from marketing strategies to learning more features in QuickBooks Online. While I am gaining valuable personal knowledge I am also learning ways to better serve our clients from webinars, luncheons and trainings. By signing up for the newsletter of local organizations, you can receive information on future professional development opportunities. I recently signed up for Sechler CPA’s accounting class. Through this class I learned hands on from an accountant professional how to allocate funds in QuickBooks online and everything the program has to offer for our clients.

We all try to attain a great work life balance. Instead of trying to balance both, try integrating your personal and professional life together. Having fluid communication on personal and professional goals, sharing your passions and learning new things, can help build well rounded individuals and leaders who can develop a sustainable company culture.