Name, position, organization

Kimberly B. Roland, Director of Entrepreneur Programs, Better Business Bureau

Other professional involvement/accomplishments

I am the City Organizer for House of Genius Phoenix Chapter as well as a member of Empowered Phxx. I am currently volunteering to help launch the inaugural Money Month AZ this September and I am a member of the Arizona Tech Council Startup and Entrepreneurship Committee. I love to volunteer for St. Vincent de Paul and on various political campaigns too.

I earned my BA in Political Science and Humanistic Studies from Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame and my MA in Social Justice and Human Rights with a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from ASU. I am also an alumna of Emerge Arizona, Clinton Global Initiative University, the Peoria Leadership Institute, and Children’s Action Alliance Advocacy Training

How long have you been a YNPN Phoenix member?

I was a member several years ago when I was fresh out of college and I attended a happy hour networking event or two. I met people I am still friends with to this day!

Favorite YNPN event or memory?

I am excited to make so many new memories as part of YNPN!

Favorite place in Phoenix to get lunch?

Tough one, either Zookz because they’re the “best sandwiches ‘round” or Federal Pizza because you get a pizza AND delicious salad!

What was it about your organization that made you want to be involved?

I recently changed careers from higher education back to a more traditional nonprofit organization looking to innovate on its great, century long reputation. This new career move inspired me to get more involved in my local community, especially in this new and exciting leadership capacity. I have been given so many wonderful opportunities for growth and I want to pay it forward to my peers and to upcoming young nonprofit professionals in the Valley.

What is one of the most satisfying things about your work?

One of the most satisfying things about the nonprofit sector in general is the immense feeling of accomplishment and the true, regarding feeling of engaging in meaningful work that impacts the community. In my previous nonprofit experience the results were immediate and tangible because I worked in hunger relief, so we could see the children and families we were feeding. In my current job, I am serving business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. I love working with people who are motivated to turn their dreams into a reality, all while growing the local economy.

Favorite podcast?

I just started getting really into podcasts and I wish I had more time to listen to them, however when I am driving around town in my car I have KJZZ (NPR) on constantly. I would say my all time favorite is The Splendid Table. I LOVE food. Some friends also got me listening to Pod Save America, and I have a few other dozen podcast in my queue to listen to presently.

Who or what is a source of inspiration to you?

There is a lot that inspires me on a daily basis. I would say my parents are huge and long lasting inspirations to me because they have worked so hard and made so many sacrifices their entire lives to ensure I received the best education and life possible. My husband inspires me to work hard, strive for leadership roles, and to be persistent while always giving my all, even in difficult situations.

  1. I am inspired by many people historically and presently in society, especially by people who have fought for (and won fights) for social justice and equity, while giving voices to the marginalized and voiceless in society. A few of my favorite leaders that inspire me are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Pope Francis, among MANY others!
  2. I am inspired by my hometown and state of Arizona. I have seen this city live up to its name and it continues to rise. I want to contribute to the growth, success, diversity, and culture of this beautiful desert city that I love so much.

What do you hope to contribute to YNPN Phoenix as a new board member?

I hope to bring my quirky yet motivated personality and flair for innovation to YNPN through our outreach and programming efforts. I want to introduce new people, especially those who may think YNPN is only for nonprofit employees, to YNPN, the existing members, and the social sector more broadly. I want to work on issues of advocacy within the social sector, and I want to evangelize and help our society address and overcome the common misconceptions about the nonprofit sector has. I cannot wait to get to work!