Noah Barnett | | CMO

Noah Barnett is the CMO at Virtuous and the host of the Responsive Fundraising Podcast. Virtuous is a technology company committed to helping nonprofits grow generosity. Much more than a nonprofit CRM, Virtuous is a suite of responsive fundraising platforms designed to help nonprofit teams build better supporter relationships and increase impact with confidence.

Previously, Noah spent ten years in fundraising marketing leadership roles at CauseVox, World Help, HubSpot, and The Adventure Project. He knows firsthand the challenges nonprofits face and is passionate about equipping them with the resources and insights they need to rally people around their cause.

Joined in July 2021

Favorite new quarantine hobby? Long morning walks (1-2 hrs) to center my thoughts and ideas for the day, get a few emails / calls done, dream (like the one I’m emailing you on)

Why Virtuous? Our core purpose is to grow global generosity” combined with our conviction to “build better … technology for nonprofits, empower NPs to build better connections, and beyond to build better homes and opportunity for all communities and climates.

The most valuable things I’ve learned from working for my organization? I’ve spent my adult life at the intersection of mission, marketing, and tech, as I’ve seen how the synergy between these can help grow generosity and increase impact. 



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Dream Vacation?

In the US — RV + camp w/ my partner up the pacific coast, and back down through the National Parks. Why? Value variety, movement, and experience-driven vacations

International — Trek through Japan / SE Asia w/ good people. Why? I’m a people over place seeker, and believe the collisions we’d have along the way would challenge perspective, practices, perspectives, and likely create more reverence for the ancient


Find the people doing the work, and take action, not advocacy, alongside them, be curious, and stay humble. 

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Why YNPN? Two things:

1) The commitment to PHX-based community building … My personal purpose statement is to “build community, foster conversations, and spark collisions amongst like-purposed people.” 

2) The commitment to empower current / future NP leaders … there is a leadership void in nonprofits today due to burnout, missing mentorship, and lacking long term incentives. 

The results? 51% of fundraisers said they will leave their current nonprofit within the next two years; 30% said they planned to leave fundraising altogether; 55% reported often feeling unappreciated; 21% agreed that the negative things about their jobs outweighed the positive. 

We must work to change this, as it’s an upstream driver of downstream impact and change to growing generosity.