Name, position, organization:

Jasmine Young, Development and Communications Director, Arizona Justice Project

Other professional involvement/accomplishments:

Notre Dame Alumnae (Go Irish!), Master’s Degree in Family and Human Development from ASU, Social Media Volunteer for Awake Milwaukee, Leadership Team Member of YouFra (Young Franciscans) at St. Mary’s Basilica

How long have you been a YNPN Phoenix member?

Nine months!

Favorite YNPN event or memory?

I really liked the Beers and Ballots event. I appreciated what the speakers had to share; it helped me be a much more informed voter!

Favorite new quarantine hobby?

Zoom hangouts that involve games. I’m a little competitive, and I admittedly have more fun when I win. 

What was it about your organization that made you want to be involved?

I was encouraged to apply for my current position by a former YNPN Board Member, and current YNPN member, Megan Ealick, who previously held the position. I am so glad she did! 

The mission of the Arizona Justice Project really resonated with me. Wanting justice for those who have been wrongfully convicted and those who have endured unjust sentencing just makes sense to me. 

Tell us about one of the most valuable things you’ve learned from working for your organization (or nonprofit orgs in general).

Don’t apologize for making sure your cup is full. You need to eat, hydrate, and be active to function optimally. There’s no award for running on fumes. If you don’t make time for self-care, your body will coerce you to make that time in a recovery state. There should be no shaming in doing what you need to in order to feel balanced and have work-life integration. 

Favorite podcast or book?

My favorite podcast is Plaid Skirts and Basic Black. My favorite book is ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)’ by Mindy Kaling, but there’s no going wrong with 19th-century literature. 

Where is your dream vacation destination, and why?

I would love to go back to Spain. I am a fan of the architecture there and of going to museums. It’s also a great way for me to brush up on my Spanish while on vacation. 

What one piece of advice would you offer someone who’s new to the nonprofit industry?

Ask clarifying questions. People may assume you know what they know, but when you ask follow up questions it prompts others to speak more plainly. Also, there’s usually someone that’s glad you spoke up, so they can also learn. And ask other colleagues what resources they find helpful. There’s a lot of nuance in nonprofit, and it’s not possible to know everything right away.

What do you hope to contribute to YNPN Phoenix as a new board member?

I hope to serve my fellow members well as a board member and committee chair.