Name, position, organization: Edwin Mehta, Development Officer at Junior Achievement of Arizona

Other professional involvement/accomplishments: I am an Advisory Board Member for Camp Kesem at Arizona State University, and a member of Tempe Leadership’s Class 36. 

How long have you been a YNPN Phoenix member?: I have been a member of YNPN for a little under a year. 

Favorite YNPN event or memory?: My favorite YNPN memory is definitely the YNPN Board retreat where I had the chance to meet with my fellow board members and learn how incredible they all are!

Favorite new quarantine hobby?: My new favorite quarantine hobby has been building and painting miniatures.

What was it about your organization that made you want to be involved?: As a former educator, I loved the mission of Junior Achievement of Arizona which is to prepare students to succeed in work and life by teaching them the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that they will need to break through the cycle of poverty and be successful in their personal and professional lives. I love the idea of preparing our future leaders!

Tell us about one of the most valuable things you’ve learned from working for your organization (or nonprofit orgs in general).: The most valuable thing that I have learned from working in the nonprofit sector has been the ability to build and develop relationships with a wide variety of people. It has allowed me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people.

Favorite podcast or book?: My favorite podcast is Critical Role, and my favorite book is The Stand by Stephen King.

Where is your dream vacation destination, and why?: My dream vacation destination is Greece or Rome, as a history nerd I love the idea of being able to go to a nice beach side city and explore the ruins, museums, and beaches!

What one piece of advice would you offer someone who’s new to the nonprofit industry?: Always get involved with as many boards, organizations, and groups as possible. Building a network of strong relationships is an incredible way to get ahead in any industry.

What do you hope to contribute to YNPN Phoenix as a new board member?: I would love to be able to grow the membership of YNPN. I think that there are so many people throughout the valley who could really benefit from the network and skills that YNPN provides.