Pip Coffee + Clay

Central Phoenix


Songbird Coffee

Downtown Phoenix


Sip Coffee 


By Jasmine Young 


Coffee is hands down my favorite way to caffeinate. Whether I need a kickstart for my day, have a sinus headache that needs to disappear, or could use a mood booster, I count on coffee to set things straight. 

I like to champion and support local coffee shops when I can, so all of the recommendations will be for local establishments. When you need a place to study, meet clients, or are on the go…here are places I recommend trying (or going back to):

Sip Coffee and Beer

I enjoy the atmosphere of sitting inside when it is hot out but relish in outdoor seating when the temperature is cooler, like now. I love getting a dirty chai latte here. It doesn’t disappoint. Also, if you’re pressed for time, there is a drive-thru option available, which is very handy when you’re on your way to the office or to a meeting. There is also a charming location in Scottsdale too. 

MFG Coffee

A solid option for drive-thru coffee, I love getting the Witches Brew this time of year. They also have some great food options as well. Conveniently located on 7th Avenue, in case you’re hopping on or off the I-10 West, which is routine for me. The baristas are always lovely here too, which can make your day. 

Pip Coffee + Clay

I cannot express how playful and amazing the color palette is at Pip. The decor delivers on the nostalgia factor with brightly colored plastic chairs right out of your childhood, complete with tennis balls on the ends. Also, you can work on pottery here, which is a whole other level of awesome. 

Songbird Coffee

Songbird is a charming and picturesque coffeehouse situated in downtown Phoenix. This is a great spot if you have a friend or colleague that is more of a tea person, as their tea selection is out of this world! As a fan of chai, it is great to come to a locale that gives you the option to go sweet, spicy, or in the middle. 

JoBot Coffee

Another gem in the Evans-Churchill neighborhood in Downtown Phoenix, JoBot has fun coffee options, like the Sunrise (Espresso and Orange Juice, don’t knock it till you try it) and an array of bites for any time of day. You can come here for ice cream and dim sum too!

Giant Coffee

A great destination pre or post-Burton Barr Library visit. Pop in for a delicious coffee and different breakfast items. Love that they have quiche as an option here and vegan-friendly treats as well.

What is your favorite place on this list? Where do you usually grab coffee? Sound off in the comments on our social media!