Lloyd Hopkins is the Executive Director and Founder of Million Dollar Teacher Project, an organization aimed at increasing support for teachers inside and outside of the classroom, raising the profile of highly effective teachers and drastically improving teacher compensation to bring the teaching profession to the prestigious level it deserves.

Lloyd worked in classrooms for 3 years as a teaching assistant and has worked in and around schools for many years in different capacities.  He has witnessed, first-hand, the good and the bad of the education system.   He decided to officially launch Million Dollar Teacher Project in 2015 after becoming completely fed up with the poor conditions today’s educators are expected to be successful in.  The perceptions of the teaching profession have reached an all-time low, there is a nationwide shortage of teachers and the ability of schools to retain talented educators is becoming nearly impossible.   This is a crisis and one we ALL are responsible for fixing.

The teaching profession is the cornerstone of society.  We all do nothing without teaching, whether formal or informal.  Furthermore, if we want amazing students we must have amazing teachers.