If you couldn’t attend the Leadership Roundtable or forgot all the info mentioned (it was a lot!), we want to be your resource for professional development. Here is a recap of the different programs who were in attendance and the contact info you need to get started on your leadership journey:


Program: Lead for Good/Leadership Success Institute (www.leadforgood.org)

You may want to consider this program if: you believe that leadership comes from the inside out, you want to incorporate personal development alongside your leadership development, or your entire leadership staff wants to participate (at least six people)

What else?: intensive one-on-one coaching is involved between the monthly learning lab sessions led by a professional development professional, non-academic program. There is a special opportunity if you wish to participate with at least six other YNPN members for a discounted rate

Who should you contact?: Jeri Royce at jeri@leadforgood.org or 602-321-7044


Program: Valle del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute (HLI) and African American Leadership Institute (AALI) (www.valledelsol.com)

You may want to consider this program if: serves as an education and networking resource for expertise and advocacy on leadership issues affecting Latino and African American communities. It is not only for leaders who are Hispanic or African American, if you work with these communities, are in support of these communities and/or want to advocate for these communities, please consider it.

What else?: Ruben Gallego, half of the City of Avondale’s city council, and many other prominent figures in the Arizona community have attended and credit these programs with much of their understanding of the Phoenix community.

Who should you contact?: Adam Lopez Falk at adamf@valledelsol.com or 602-258-6797 ext. 527


Program: Lead for Change (www.arizonaleadingforchange.org)

You may want to consider this program if: you have a vision for change that revolves around social justice. This program allows members to focus so that when the time comes for the torch to be handed, you’re ready

What else?: you will receive coaching, build a personal leadership plan, and the program is designed for full time professionals and/or parents, payment plans are available as well!

Who should you contact?: Beth Meyer at bmeyer@azleadingforchange.org or 602-253-0119


Program: American Express Leadership Academy at ASU Lodestar Center (www.lodestar.asu.edu/leadership)

You may want to consider this program if: you consider yourself a leader or an emerging leader in the nonprofit sector and wish to learn best practices in approaching leadership and managing nonprofits.

What else?: you receive executive coaching/mentorship as well as great networking opportunities to expand your circle of influence

Who should you contact?: Nicole Almond Anderson at Nicole.almondanderson@asu.edu or 602-496-0185


Program: Valley Leadership Advance (www.valleyleadership.org)

You may want to consider this program if: you have high potential for leadership, are new to the Valley, or are new to civic engagement and want an intermediate step in the right direction. If you want to be involved and don’t know how or what to do with that passion.

What else?: this program is AZ-based and helps to keep people in AZ, there are payment plans available

Who should you contact?: Sophia Mayberry at sophia@valleyleadership.org or 602-952-6760 ext. 4


Program: Flinn-Brown Civic Leadership Academy (www.azcivicleadershp.org)

You may want to consider this program if: you wish to serve on the state level, policy, or state agencies. If you have some leadership experience and have the state’s interest at heart.

What else?: this program prepares you for exemplary service in solving problems for AZ’s future, 12 public policy issues are covered

Who should you contact?: Emily Rajakovich at erajakovich@flinn.org or 602-744-6828