7 Salary Negotiation Tips For Young Nonprofit Professionals

What is one salary negotiation tip you would offer to a young professional working at a nonprofit organization? To help up-and-coming nonprofit professionals with income negotiation, we asked HR experts and business leaders this question for their best advice. From knowing the salary range to considering other benefits, there are [...]

Meet Edwin Mehta

Name, position, organization: Edwin Mehta, Development Officer at Junior Achievement of Arizona Other professional involvement/accomplishments: I am an Advisory Board Member for Camp Kesem at Arizona State University, and a member of Tempe Leadership's Class 36.  How long have you been a YNPN Phoenix member?: I have been a member [...]

9 Ways To Retain Young Nonprofit Leaders

What is one way that a nonprofit can effectively retain young leaders at their organization? To help nonprofit organizations retain their young leaders, we asked young nonprofit professionals and business leaders this question for their best insights. From being open to change to providing opportunities to lead, there are several [...]

Managing Up: 8 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Manager

What is one way young nonprofit professionals can effectively manage their manager? To help young nonprofit professionals with learning how to effectively manage their manager, we asked nonprofit professionals and business leaders this question for their best insights. From prioritizing accountability to reviewing policies and SOPs, there are several ways [...]

Juneteenth: Let’s Celebrate!

This month YNPN Phoenix celebrates Juneteenth, a holiday which commemorates the freedom of Black Americans from slavery in the United States. It is wonderful to see that the holiday continues to gain more recognition, and it is my hope that in time, June 19th will be as ubiquitous as July [...]

Celebrating and Honoring Pride

Happy Pride Month from YNPN Phoenix! As a collective membership, we believe that advocacy is an essential tool for creating positive change in our communities and moving towards our vision of creating a more thriving, resilient, and inclusive social sector. When we kicked off this year, our membership met to [...]

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