fIn order to best serve the members of YNPN Phoenix, we reached out and asked for input on our programs as well as the organization itself. As a 100% volunteer run organization, we want to ensure that we are spending time on what matters most to our constituents.

Survey highlights include:

  1. 90% of current members are satisfied with their membership
  2. Programs were described as professional, relevant, beneficial, and social
  3. 88% prefer events located in Central Phoenix
  4. You like our Coffee with a CEO event
  5. Getting more involved with us


Room for growth includes:

  1. More interaction and introductions with other members
  2. You asked for more interactive workshops
  3. Our website could use a little work
  4. The time of our events (please click here to share your preferred program time)

With a greater knowledge of members’ needs and expectations, YNPN Phoenix is looking forward to what we can offer in 2016! If you didn’t have an opportunity to provide input and would like to do so, please email us at Also, please contact us if you would like to volunteer on a committee and help us with our areas of improvement.